Vibe Hits Up Alesso’s 21st Birthday Bash – Pass the Patron


Youngblood DJ Alesso dropped by NYC Saturday, July 8th to celebrate his 21st birthday with cold drinks and hot beats. First stop was Governor’s Island for a sold-out show followed by an after party (naturally) at Big Apple mega-club Pacha NYC. Both shows were packed with hot, sweaty, half-naked EDM-loving bodies, dancing to the Swede’s hypnotic house tracks proving he’s the pied piper of the 20-something dance music generation.
Before working his magic on the crowd at Governor’s Island, VIBE sat Alesso down for an exclusive chat to see if the birthday boy got everything he wanted for his big day including, a coveted spot on Madonna’s upcoming tour. Unfortunately, Hova was a no show. Still, it beats the 40 Oz.’s of Colt 45 we got on our 21st!
VIBE: If you could have any rapper or R&B artist perform at your birthday, who would it be?
Alesso: Jay-Z. He’s amazing.

What are you wearing for your birthday suit?
I ordered these black t-shirts from this guy, and I have like 10,000 of these black shirts. So, I’m not wearing the same shirt everyday, it’s just the same color.
What was your first legal drink as a 21-one-year old?
I think it was a shot of Patron. I like tequila.

 What has been the best b-day gift you’ve received so far?
The best is that I have my brother and close friends here, and that’s the best birthday gift. I actually wish I could have more of them here.
You could have celebrated your 21st anywhere. Why did you choose NYC?
Because it’s definitely one of my favorite cities in the world. This is like my second home.
What made you want to work with Madonna on her upcoming tour?
 It’s fun, really fun and interesting. I mean, I’ve never done anything like this before and it’s going be very different.
What do you feel are your chances of being her next young hookup?
Nah, I don’t think that. I just think she wants to add this electronic act to her show, and I think that’s great. She’s has this different crowd and I’m going to show that crowd that this is the music I play and produce, so it’s going to be fun.