VIBE Raps With Drop The Lime: A DJ with Gun Slingin’ Swagger


How many homeboys out there have a passion for bass and a thirst for blood, who wear black suspenders and slick their hair up into a Johnny Cash-bluesy lookin’ fade? Meet Drop the Lime, with a new album Enter the Night, which just dropped on Ultra Music. You can peep it for FREE on AOL (, where a listening party is being hosted through July 9th. The cuts on Enter the Night —written and recorded between his Brooklyn home base, London and New Orleans—evoke an outlaw spirit with a modern twist. What does that mean? Let the man himself holler at you…

VIBE: When an entity as large as AOL hosts your music does it affirm that you’ve arrived?
Drop the Lime: I guess so. I’m just making crazy music and it happens to be going out all over the world now so I’ve guessed I’ve done it. I DID IT MOM!

For someone who has never heard your music before, please describe it for VIBE readers specifically.
I would say it’s dance music drunk on rock n’ roll.
It sounds a bit like music in the movie From Dusk til Dawn…Are you a Quentin Tarantino fan?
Huge Quentin Tarantino fan! It’s funny you say that, someone in a recent interview asked me “If you had to pick one movie that your album [Enter the Night] is like, which one?” and I told them that film.
Being a native New Yorker, what are some your favorite hang out spots in the city?
Aw man, I mean I was in Brooklyn, and there’s so many amazing bars out here. I’m a big fan of cocktails, so I like hanging out at stops like The Flat or Hank’s.

Is there an electronic dance music (EDM) rivalry that can be equated to hip-hop’s East Coast (Biggie) vs West Coast (Tupac)?
 You mean EDM gangs? I wish there was. We need more fights and more beefs in EDM. We all love each other so much – everything is so similar.