VIBE Raps With Drop The Lime: A DJ with Gun Slingin’ Swagger


Do you see parallels between what’s happening in EDM now and the explosion of hip-hop in the late ’80s to early ’90s?
It’s pretty crazy that now hip-hop is very club and club is very hip-hop. The rise of rap music, for example, and then artists like Pit Bull or Rihanna using dance beats. So it’s like things have swapped. I’d say the rise of hip-hop in the 90’s is different than now, because it was very tied to fashion, as well, and I can’t really think of a fashion that’s contributed to EDM except for like the furry raver girls.

Drake or Chris Brown?
Ha! Drake. I like his production and songs, plus he has a good attitude. I can’t hang with someone like Chris Brown, beating up Rihanna or striking anyone like that

If you had to choose one rapper to collaborate with who would it be and why?
Method Man. Let’s get some old Wu Tang up in here. So Method Man, or anyone from Dipset.

Who is your dream woman?
Dream woman? No. I still haven’t found my dream woman. I haven’t found my Marilyn or Bettie Page. I think she’s still out there.

Can you sing, rap, play instruments?
Yeah, it’s all me. It’s all me singing, playing guitar, playing drums, playing piano – I played everything on the album. The only exception was a few string players for songs that involved a string quartet.

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Check him live:

Fri 7/6: Denver, CO, Larimer Lounge
Sat 7/7: Calgary, AB The Hi-Fi Club
Fri 7/13: Ottawa, ON, RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest
Sat 7/14: New York, Le Bain at The Standard

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