VIBE WORLD PREMIERE: TWO exclusive free mixtapes from Eddie Thoneik & Norman Doray + Q&A!


VIBE: Describe your sonic style to someone who has never heard you in one sentence:
Norman Doray: Melodic big room happy and groovy shit!!!
Eddie Thoneik: All aspects of dance mashed up with a touch of soul.

How’d this collaboration happen?
ND: We [Eddie and I] knew each others for years. I always loved eddie’s tracks and I always played them. Everytime we were togeter we were having fun. One day we talked about doing smthg together, and it happened…3 years later. Long time but we did it.
ET: For us it was essential to come up with something fresh. We started working early in the morning and somehow we came up with this catchy singalong melody and started to build the track around it. The workflow was great that day and early in the afternoon the track was already finished. I mean this is what makes collaborating so great: putting each others input together to create something new and fresh. We sent the track to Size and it was a done deal. Now it was just a matter of finding a name, which took us longer than creating the track. As the track comes out on 23rd (TODAY!) of July we wanted to add a name that reflects summertime, positivity and energy. So we called it “Celsius”.”

If you had to choose a rapper to sample it (like Flo-Rida did with Avicii) who would you choose?
ND: Would love Pitbull…No I’m joking. Guys like Pharell or Kanye West arepeople I really respect and love.
ET: Pharell

-Finish this sentence: “Celsius” is a big-room anthem that….
ND: “will finally make N1 on Beaport, I hope.”
ET: “spread like a global heatwave.”

Check out the teaser video here: