VIBE’s Weekly Kick Picks: Outside For The Supreme x Nike SB Release


VIBE Kick Picks is back on the streets, hunting down the hottest sneakers in NYC.

A couple of days ago, we told you about the 2012 release of the Supreme x Nike SB Dunks—the 10th anniversary since they first dropped back in 2002. With the new sneakers in stores—as of today—we already knew that there would be people lined up to grab a pair.

We went to check out the sneakerheads waiting in line, and found out some of them had been out there since this past Sunday! SB Dunks are some of the most comfortable sneakers known to man, so it wasn’t a surprise that majority of the line had different variations of the shoe on.

Of course, the sneakers weren’t gonna come easy for them. Right as we hit the streets, NYC got hit with a insane rain storm, almost like the apocalypse was coming! Although it got pretty bad, the rain didn’t interrupt anyone on the line—as expected.

Here’s the first of the kick fiends who were waiting in line:

The Shoe:

Nike SB “Loons”

The Sneakerhead:

Jonathan Sanchez

The Story:

“I wanted to match them with my OG Hail Mary Supreme hat.”