(Video) Power 105 Radio Host CHARLAMAGNE The God Attacked!


Our friends at TheRundown.tv got their hands on the video of NY’s Power 105, The Breakfast Club host, Charlamagne the God being attacked by multiple dudes as he tries to enter the station. He’s approached for a video drop, for what seems like a mixtape or show, but as he questions the request a fist comes flying from over his right shoulder, hitting him square on the ear. The blow takes C by surprise and makes him stumble for a second. Once he gains his balance, he retreats and starts to run up the block away from the attackers in a weird slow motion jog. The street toughs don’t know if they should full speed chase him or not. C The God addressed the episode on his radio show yesterday and knew the video would be leaked on the internet. He admitted to running from the “5 dudes” that approached him as well. Do you think the radio war he has going on with Funkmaster Flex of rival station Hot 97 has anything to do with this? We hope that it doesn’t get to a dirtier level where people get hurt. Seriously. Watch the footage below.