Vietnam Named Worst In Wildlife Crime Report


By the looks of this report, we’ve got to do better with the treatment of our wldlife.

In a report by The Associated Press (via The Washington Post), the World Wildlife Fund—often abbreviated as WWF—ranked Vietnam as the worst country for wildlife crime in their investigation on how well rhinos, tigers and elephants are protected in 23 Asian and African countries.

WWF ranks Vietnam so high for their reported tiger farms and use of rhino horn as a “cure-all.” Neighboring China, widely viewed as the world’s largest market for illegal wildlife products, finished a close second, and Laos was third.

Unfortunately, consumers over in Asia favor their illegal wildlife products for medicinal purposes—which hasn’t exactly been 100% proven to work. Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. has said the illegal wildlife trade is worth a whopping $8 billion to $10 billion per year in Southeast Asia alone.

To really put things into perspective for you guys, Rhino horn can fetch the U.S. street value of cocaine in Asia—where it is crushed and consumed by people who believe that it can cure diseases.

Regardless of if these “cure-all” remedies work or not, this still puts out wildlife at danger of extinction. What do you guys think of all this?