Vixen of the Day: Shariyfa Zahir


Name: Shariyfa Zahir
Age: 25
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Occupation: Model/ Personality/Businesswoman/Role Model
Style: Eclectic Fabulosity
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Clinique or Anastasia Superfine Eyebrow Pencil

Inspired By: Beyoncé, Oprah, and all the beautiful black women who have a dream and the discipline and dedication to achieve it.

A Vixen is…
A Vixen doesn’t take no for an answer. She understands the cultural stigmas that precede her, yet never allows those stereotypes to taint her spirit. She is hardworking and dedicated.

A Vixen is a strong woman, both mentally and physically. Most are humbled by a Vixen’s beauty, but she is not without flaw. She is a fox, and just as her name suggests, she is sly, clever, and intelligent enough to turn her flaws into something luminous, polished and alluring. Just like a diamond in the rough!

Photo Credit: Marques Paige