Chris Rock Causes Drama With “White People’s Day” Tweet


Chris Rock doesn’t care about being politically correct. If it pops into his head, the native New Yorker says it.

This unfortunately has Mr. Rock currently being attacked by media and conservatives all across on the country. On this nation’s day of independence, the 4th of July, Chris let out one hell of a Twitter joke.

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks,” tweeted Chris Rock on the 4th of July.

Anyone who was even remotely familiar with Rock’s work knew he was just joking around but this time, he may have ruffled some of the wrong feathers. The backlash the veteran comic is receiving has most major media outlets looking to dig up dirt on Chris.

He has yet to apologize or release an official statement. Nor has he erased his controversial tweet.

Stay tuned for more updates on Chris Rock’s Independence Day controversy.