Why The 90-Day Rule Makes No Sense


In some relationships you may need to wait a year, two weeks or even 180 days, but not every single one. I had a conversation with a few of my guy friends, and they admitted to not being as detail-oriented as women when it comes to rolling around in the sack.

Honestly, if you think about your daily encounters with men, they really aren’t. They don’t care how soon or how late they have sex with a girl if they genuinely like her. One of the guys mentioned that putting a time frame on intimacy makes sex a bigger deal than what it is. He feels women should explore finding a connection with their man instead of putting so much thought into the actual coitus.

So what happens on day 91? What if it wasn’t what you expected?

Personally, each woman should use discretion with each relationship. I don’t feel that a book or plan can be used with any emotion–lust or love.