Would You Allow Your Man To Do This?


Each day, we take a step closer to freely expressing ourselves. Same-sex marriages, blue hair and protesting beliefs are the new normal. So if your man tells you he’s going to get his eyebrows done, do you give him the side eye, shrug it off or join him in his grooming venture?
What about when you see him dipping in your nail polish? Is there a point when you question your boo’s sexuality? Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade tweeted a photo of a pedicured foot adorned with black fingernail polish. The caption: “Matte black paint… Rockstar ish..” I view Dwyane Wade as a pretty manly man and for all we know Gabrielle U’s foot could have been the one on display. But if it was D. Wade’s perfectly polished toenails and considering that we’re in a society where almost anything goes, should this be the least of our worries?
I personally don’t have a problem with men getting mani’s and pedi’s. I like the idea of a guy taking care of himself and looking great, but I don’t know about colored nail polish, arched eyebrows or manscaping.
Now that these are a normal part of many straight men’s routines, it’s harder to detect the man on the “down low.” However, with Frank Ocean and Anderson Cooper’s bravery and courageous acts in coming out, a lot more things may become widely acceptable, even with straight men.