Would You Change How You Dress For Your Partner?


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship elicits negative responses for a number of reasons. In some corners, their pairing is seen as a publicity stunt; in others, it’s viewed as disrespectful to Kim’s “ex,” Kris Humphries, who she is actually still married to. But recently, critics have also pointed out that Kim has been dressing differently since she’s started dating Kanye West. Her clothes have gotten tighter and move revealing, she seems to be confused as to what season she’s in and she is almost perpetually stuck in a neutral tone palette. Fashionista.com reports that Kanye has even taken to dressing her. Not only has her fashion changed, but in addition to quoting rap verses, she’s now trying her hand at cooking soul food, if Instagram is to be believed.

By the same token, Meagan Good, who just married Devon Franklin, a Seventh Day Adventist pastor, is criticized for not changing her look once they started dating. Good has an affinity for plunging necklines, leggings and dresses with short hems and critics believe she should abandon those styles now that she is romantically involved with a man of God.

Many women have found their style influenced by a love interest whether it’s changing a small facet of their looks or embracing a new look altogether. And there are still some women who would never compromise their sense of style for someone else, no matter how serious the relationship.

Where do you stand, Vixens? Would you ever change how you dress for your partner?