You Ain’t Nothing But a Vulture


Every year millions of people scribe their resolutions on mental wax and profess to make lifelong changes, with the hope of spearheading this turn of events at the stroke of the new hour.

After only a few weeks in the tide, our proposals often get washed away by the panic of having to follow through, or the struggle that comes from wanting instant gratification. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “Hope Floats,” so I guess the chore of following through with a plan sometimes supersedes the good intention.

Personally, I no longer dabble in the task of setting myself up for a potential failure. For some, resolutions work, but for myself, I opt to live my life day-to-day, making better choices during the necessity of the moment.

What I did do this year, however, is spend my last breaths in 2010 reflecting on my relationships; glaring at the numbers and evaluating whether or not certain individuals in my life truly belonged there, or if they were just cuffing the shadows, waiting with baited breath.

What I realized was that sometimes relationships expire, but still remain on the shelf. Although I have more than a handful of people whom I consider a huge factor in my happiness, there was far too many stragglers who needed to be cut from the sash a long time ago.

One of the hardest things for a person to do is say “Deuces” to someone who’s just lingering in the back. Without a struggle or a conflict there never seems to be a reason for tossing up those two fingers.

We find ourselves just dealing with these people on a sporadic level. When they surface, we play along, but I’ve realized that planting seeds is the way you grow a garden. When you keep the wrong flowers around, they will affect your long-term outcome.

Who are these people I’m referring too? Well, it could be anyone.