You Ain’t Nothing But a Vulture


Maybe it’s an ex who should have been long gone, but still holds a pass to tip in and out of our conscious. A friendship that has lost its season, but due to that staunch attachment, shaking them off has been an epic battle. It could be someone who doubted your potential, whom you only keep around while you prove their theories wrong. Or possibly an adversary who you grit your teeth at in conversation, but rather than shrugging them off, you keep them at a close distance in order to remain aware of what they have going on.

No matter who it is, these relationships are unhealthy and cost more than their value. Harboring vultures is the surest way to go from being the observer to the one on the menu.

Aside from killing your progress, you’re choosing to carry around unnecessary baggage. I think the only thing we owe ourselves at the top of the year is the comfort of a fresh new start and the end of dead relationships. I’ve created a list of the “types” of people who I consider a hindrance in my life; those who I’ve let stick around too long and who belong on the chopping block.

Don’t feel bad about making any cuts, be relieved that you’re no longer a slave to a lost cause.

Here’s my list of “Deuces.”

  • Deuces to all of my exes who think that calling me every once in a while guarantees them an open opportunity to try and return in the future.
  • Deuces to my fair-weather friends who only come around now because they think my career might go somewhere.
  • Deuces to my crowd of doubters. I can no longer spend energy trying to prove you wrong. It’s about proving myself right. You all are no longer a factor.
  • Deuces to my frienemies: those whom I know only speak highly of me in my presence, but when I turn around they’re taking shots at my head.
  • Deuces to those so-called friends who profess to believe in my future, but secretly work to take me off of my focus because they’re too scared to follow their own heart.
  • Deuces to my many haters. You don’t motivate me, I motivate myself.

Vixens, do you know of any “Vultures”? Feel free to add on to my list.

- ALaina L. Lewis