2 Chainz’ ‘Based On A T.R.U. Story’ is True Turn Up Music

“You pass out, I come to, dippin’ it like fondue/
Spinach dip, cheese stick, appetizers, entree,
It’s you in that lingerie/
As far as race, you first place,
I’m only in town for one day/”

Wait, what did he say? It was at that exact moment – when 2 Chainz finished his second verse on “In Town” – that I suddenly snapped out my music infused (and perhaps slightly alcohol induced) reverie. As I looked around the dimly lit, smoky room – the latter of which was created by people in the crowd nonchalantly puffing on a certain pungent narcotic – I noticed that most of the people inside The Sayer’s Club were either deeply engrossed in conversation, swaying along to the music or both. Apparently, no one at the listening party (except for me) had noticed 2 Chainz’ failure to come up with a suitable sexy metaphor for having sex with a beautiful woman. Perhaps the other ladies in the room weren’t listening, or maybe they didn’t mind hearing a woman’s nether regions equated with a greenish creamy appetizer. Or perhaps they’d heard and simply just didn’t care. Either way, by the time I’d gotten the unwanted mental picture out of my head, the “Cooler than Me” singer/ songwriter, Mike Posner, had resumed singing the hook and I had unconsciously resumed my swaying.

As 2 Chainz continued to perform songs from his upcoming album, Based on a T.R.U. Story, I continued to experience ongoing inconsistencies with what my ears were hearing and how my body was reacting. Despite 2 Chainz’ subpar rhymes and simple metaphors, the stellar production from heavy-hitters such as Kanye West, Hit-Boy, DJ Mustard, Lex Luger and Drumma Boy, combined with the booming sound-system in the club created an upbeat and electric environment. More than a few times – especially when 2 Chainz performed “Yuck” (which features Lil’ Wayne) – I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to dance to this and to ‘turn up’ in the club with my girls.”

With that said, it is precisely that epithet that brings me to my final verdict on Based on a T.R.U. Story and 2 Chainz’ music in general. 2 Chainz’ music “hits” in the club because that’s exactly what it was created for; to “turn up” and have fun. If I want to “pre-game” (i.e. “turn up” before attending a larger social function), then I’ll listen to 2 Chainz. When I’m on my way to the club, I’ll most likely listen to 2 Chainz. Over the next couple of weeks, whenever you visit a strip club, they’ll most likely be playing 2 Chainz – especially “I Luv Dem Strippers.” The point is, take 2 Chainz for what he’s good for and enjoy it. True, he’ll never be half the lyrical emcee that Common or Nas is, but then again, most people don’t usually boogie to Nas and Common records. 2 Chaaaainz!