20 Questions! Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Edition


1. What was up with Joseline’s mask?

2. Is she really the baddest bitch?

3. What do Joseline’s “haters” hate on?

4. Did Mona really watch Joseline urinate for her pregnancy test?

5. Really? Shenellica Bettencourt?

6. Who liked Rasheeda’s “Bad” necklace?

7.  Seriously, how old is Karlie? Seriously.

8. Is Karlie protecting her daughter or her age?

9.  Why did Karlie say she was signed to Cash Money when she wasn’t?

10. Who would win in K. Michelle vs. Rasheeda?

11. What kind of hair does Rasheeda wear? (It’s bomb!)

12. Is K. Michelle endorsed by Wikipedia?

13. Who really won the fight between Stevie J and Scrappy?

14. Why was Stevie in the hospital? (He still hasn’t answered.)

15. Who crowned Momma Dee queen? Who?!

16.You really never saw yourself as the marrying type, Stevie? Ever?

17.”I’m a woman of God, so f*ck all ya’ll that don’t believe it!” -Joseline *blinks*

18. What church does Joseline attend?

19. Is Mimi considering ever getting back with Stevie J?

20. Was Shay wearing a 27-inch piece for part 2?