3 Social Media Pet Peeves


Constant Facebook Status Updates….About Nothing!
Facebook is a place to interact and connect with family and friends and with that connecting you find that there is a need to update your status so that people know what’s going on.  Cool, I got that.  However, if all you did was eat Cheerios and take a nap you don’t need to update your status with that!  I’m so sick of going on Facebook and seeing people do this:

1:00pm  I’m so bored, maybe I should eat.

1:35pm  Shoutout to the cutie in Chipotle for my FREE lunch.  Get like me b*#tches!

2:30pm  Time for a nap, I’m so over being at work.

3:15pm I’m ready to go!

4:45pm breaking out this spot early to go see my boo…don’t hate!!

What?!  Why the hell do you need to update your status this much?  There needs to be some kind of status update maximum and maybe some categories that folk can choose from because the mundane randomness is killing me.