3 Social Media Pet Peeves


The Fakers
This is really a general pet peeve, but social media just puts more of a spotlight on it. Have you ever read the profiles of a friend or close associate you have on Twitter or Facebook and learned that they are an “Entrepreneur/Writer/Publicist/ DJ and dog lover?”


Last time you checked they were a receptionist at a real estate company, hated dogs, gave up when playing DJ Hero, and never even wrote thank you cards.  Publicist?  Writer?  Where the hell did this made up life come from?  And to make it worse they go extra hard online promoting and retweeting and sending links and other people are actually buying into the nonsense!  You want to air them out so bad, but instead you just sit back and watch them create this fictional world around them.  I’m not sure what it is about social media that says to some people “Hey your real life sucks so come here and live a fake one,” but that’s the message tons of people are hearing and it’s simple ridiculous.

What are your social media pet peeves?