The 5 Best Songs On Rick Ross’ ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ Album


Maybe you’re still hating on Rick Ross for trying to lie about his, er, “questionable” background. Maybe you haven’t listened to an entire Rick Ross album since 2006’s Port of Miami. Or, maybe you heard the lead single, “Touch’N You,” featuring Usher, and you don’t think you want to hear anymore. Regardless of what your reason is, if you haven’t given the new Rick Ross album, God Forgives, I Don’t, a listen yet, you’re crazy. Crazy! Ross has some stuff on this album that you really need to hear.

To prove it, we decided to put together a list of The 5 Best Songs On God Forgives, I Don’t. Don’t agree with us? All good. As long as you gave the project at least one full listen, we’re happy to hear what your top five is, too. Check out ours—and then leave yours in the comments section. Let the debate begin.