The 5 Best Verses On DJ Khaled’s “Kiss The Ring” Album


Navigating a DJ Khaled album can be difficult to do. Although his latest project, Kiss The Ring, is the sixth in his catalog and it’s clear that he’s established a formula for putting his work together, it’s still hard to figure out exactly what you have to listen to on one of the Miami producer’s albums. There are always one or two surefire hits. But, the rest of the album is usually chock full of posse cuts with a laundry list of rappers trying to outdo one another to different degrees of success. It can get quite confusing.

Kiss the Ring follows Khaled’s usual format. From the album’s lead single, “Take It to the Head,” featuring Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne, to the surprisingly deep “Hip Hop,” featuring Scarface, Nas, and DJ Premier, there are a lot of verses crammed into the 12 songs on the album (including one from Khaled on the album’s last song!). So, what do you absolutely have to hear on it? Well, to make things a little easier on you, we’ve put together a list of The 5 Best Verses On DJ Khaled’s Kiss the Ring Album. When you’re bumping the project, make sure you don’t miss these.