5 Reasons 2 Chainz Wins On His Solo Debut, “Based On A T.R.U. Story”


Reason #1: 2 Chainz doesn’t try to get too deep or take things too seriously on the album.
In the long run, this could hurt 2 Chainz. Artists with staying power are able to give a little bit of themselves to their listeners. But, for now, we’re glad that 2 Chainz didn’t take himself too seriously on his debut. If you’ve heard him rap in the past on other peoples’ stuff, you’re not going to be thrown for a loop when you listen to his album. He talks about money, strippers, clothes, cars, more strippers, and…well, you probably get the point. Again, this formula won’t work forever. But, we can’t blame 2 Chainz for continuing to use the formula that’s worked for him thus far.