5 Reasons 2 Chainz Wins On His Solo Debut, “Based On A T.R.U. Story”


Reason #5: 2 Chainz leaves himself room to grow as an artist on the album.
Unfortunately, when most highly-anticipated debut albums drop, they’re disappointing. A lot of times new artists produce such great stuff at the beginnings of their careers that they simply can’t match it on their first full-length projects. But, on his debut, 2 Chainz simply keeps the momentum going by dropping an album that, if nothing else, is consistent with what we’ve come to know and love about 2 Chainz. Is it a classic? No way. But, did we listen to it and say, “We got all excited for this?” No way. Instead, we more or less got what we expected from B.O.A.T.S. and we’re excited to see which direction 2 Chainz takes his career in next. In our book, that’s a win.