5 Reasons We Really Hope Diddy Gets Selected To Be A Judge On “American Idol”


Have you heard the good news? No? then, let us be the first to tell you. It sounds like Diddy (yes, Diddy!) is in the running to join Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey and become the third and final judge on American Idol next season. Although there are still a few others in the running as well—including Joe Jonas and Alanis Morissette—the AI producers seem to be carefully considering Sean Combs as a possible judge.

How awesome would that be? In fact, if Diddy was selected, we’re pretty sure that we’d start setting our DVRs for AI every single week again. We’d probably even buy the entire season on DVD if they ever got around to releasing it. We remember what Diddy did when he filmed his Making The Band series on MTV—and we think his participation on AI would be, in a word, epic.

Why, you ask? Well, outside of the obvious—the “Diddy-replaces-Jennifer Lopez” storyline going into the show would be enough for us—there are a bunch of other reasons why we’d love to see Diddy on AI. So, we put together a list of the 5 Reasons We Really Hope Diddy Gets Selected To Be A Judge On American Idol. Please join us in crossing our fingers and really hoping that this actually happens.