5 Reasons Why Drake Is The Perfect Person for Aaliyah’s Album

If you go on Twitter right now, it seems like everyone is mad at Drake. Why? Well, last weekend, Drizzy released a new song called “Enough Said” by Aaliyah that also featured a verse from him. And, with that, rumors started swirling about how the Canadian rapper is going to be the executive producer on an as-yet-untitled posthumous Aaliyah project that will feature more of her unreleased vocals. It left many people unhappy.

Timbaland immediately came out and said that both he and Missy Elliott need to be included on the album in order to do it justice. Many of Aaliyah’s fans spoke out against Drake’s involvement. And, Twitter was ablaze with tons of shots being taken at @Drake.

But, you know what? We don’t think it’s a bad idea for Drake to have his hands all over the project. In fact, we think Drake needs to be a part of it in order for it to be as great as we know it can be. And, to help explain ourselves, we put together a list of the 5 Reasons Why Drake Is The Perfect Person To Executive Produce Aaliyah’s Posthumous Album. Disagree if you want (and we know a lot of you will!). But, this is why Drake needs to be involved.

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