5 Reasons Why Drake Is The Perfect Person for Aaliyah’s Album


Reason #1: Without Drake, there’s a really good chance that Aaliyah’s posthumous album isn’t even a topic of discussion right now.
With all due respect to Aaliyah’s family, Timbaland, everyone else who was in her camp, and Aaliyah herself, she passed away ten years ago and we haven’t heard anything indicating that a posthumous album is definitely coming out in all that time. Have there been rumors about one? Of course. But, the album has never really moved beyond the rumors stage. Now, thanks to a single song by Drake, the posthumous album suddenly has life and people are anxious for it. If all of these other people wanted to be involved in the project before, why didn’t they act on it and, more importantly, start making moves towards actually producing it? That’s exactly what Drake is trying to do right now, and we can’t blame him for doing it. If it means the Aaliyah album comes out sooner—or, better yet, comes out at all—don’t you want Drake involved?

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