5 Reasons Why Drake Is The Perfect Person for Aaliyah’s Album


Reason #3: Having Drake executive produce the project will help keep it cohesive.
Now that Drake wants to executive produce Aaliyah’s project, everyone wants a piece of it. As we mentioned in the intro, Timbaland wants to be involved. Missy Elliott probably wants to have some say in it. Aaliyah’s brother has come out and said that the album is NOT coming out at all, while her former label Blackground says it is. This could very easily lead the album to suffer from “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome. It happens so often with posthumous albums when so many different people try to get involved. By letting Drake delegate different responsibilities for the project and oversee everything, we’re confident that he’ll make it sound like a cohesive album as opposed to a bunch of songs that have been thrown together. And, that’s really what we all want to hear, isn’t it?

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