5 Reasons Why Drake Is The Perfect Person for Aaliyah’s Album


Reason #5: Drake’s involvement will only help to make Aaliyah’s name even bigger than it already is.
Aaliyah died ten years ago. So, it’s not crazy to think that someone who was 6, 7, or 8 years old back then has absolutely no idea who Aaliyah is today. They know Drake, though. So, when Drake attaches his name to Aaliyah’s project, they’ll automatically be interested in her. Maybe that will lead them to hop on Spotify to discover Aaliyah’s old stuff for the first time. Or, maybe it’ll force them to do some research to find out why Aaliyah served as such a big influence on Drake. Regardless, Drake will be helping to bring more attention to Aaliyah than just about any other hip-hop or R&B artist could right now. And, isn’t that really part of the point of this posthumous project? To keep Aaliyah’s memory alive? Then, it seems to us that Drake is just the man for the job. So, why don’t we let him do it?

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