5 Reasons Why Timbaland and Missy Elliott Would Make Aaliyah’s Album A Classic


Reason #4: Timbo and Missy would both limit the number of guest appearances on her album. They’d also know who Aaliyah would have wanted to work with today.
One of the biggest problems with posthumous albums is that, often times, there isn’t enough unreleased material to create an entire album. So, the executive producer has to bring in a bunch of guests to fill in the blank spaces that appear on songs. And, that can be risky business because not every artist is worthy of making an appearance on a posthumous album. We think that Timbo and Missy would do a great job of weeding out those who don’t belong on Aaliyah’s project and inviting those who do to perform. They also know what kind of artists Aaliyah would be down to work with if she was still alive. It’d save us all from hearing (*enter artist who doesn’t really belong on the album here*) rapping all over the place and sounding out of place on an Aaliyah song.