Is All Fair in Love and Football? Chad Johnson’s Week-In-Review

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Evelyn with the divorce papers? That’s not exactly how the song goes and probably not how Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada expected their marriage to go.

Let’s review Chad Johnson’s past week.

Saturday August 11 - He’s arrested after allegedly head-butting his wife.

Sunday August 12
– He’s released from jail and released from the Miami Dolphins.

Monday August 13
– VH1 cancels the reality show ‘Ev and Ocho’ which was to document the couples engagement and marriage.

Tuesday August 14 – His wife of 39 days files for divorce, and HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins’ second episode features Johnson getting cut from the team by head coach Joe Philbin.

From Wednesday until today there’s been no news, which is good news if you’re looking for something positive.

We were not in the car or driveway with those two when the incident happened. As much as media and fans love to hate Johnson, up until last Saturday, he’s never been arrested in his NFL career. We have seen Evelyn’s violent side several times on ‘Basketball Wives.’ And as the situation currently stands, Chad said Evelyn head-butted him, and she says he head-butted her. The debate over who assaulted who first is stupid, whoever initiated it was wrong and it should have never happened.

My issue is with the Miami Dolphins. They currently have the worst wide receiver corps in the NFL. Johnson had been practicing well and was on his way to at least start. At the very least, they could have waited until the legal process had taken its course. What if reports come out and that Lozada started the altercation which isn’t far-fetched given what we’ve seen of her temper on ‘Basketball Wives.’

Do you think the Dolphins gave Chad Johnson a fair chance or were they right in their decision to cut him before the legal process went underway?

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