Amish Population Grows Across The Country


The Amish population in North America is growing!

According to an Ohio State study, the Amish population has been increasing exponentially. The number of Amish in North America are doubling every 22 years. Having been an estimated number of 179 Amish communities in 1979, now there are a whopping 456 settlements which house over 251,000 people.

According to researchers, the Amish population could total 1 million by mid-century if the communities continue to grow at this rate. In addition, in 20 years, an Ohio county could be the first in the country where Amish outnumber the English. As of now, Ohio boasts the most Amish community members.

“For the past 10 years, I have told myself that they can’t keep growing at the pace they are,” said Joseph Donnermeyer, rural sociology professor at OSU and leader of the Amish census project. “I’ve been wrong every single year.”

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