Antonique Smith Calls on Fans for New Album with Kickstarter Campaign

While most recognize her as the actress who played Faith Evans in the Biggie biopic Notorious, few are aware that Antonique Smith’s first passion is music.

In the star’s new Kickstarter campaign, Smith hopes to create a debut album with the help of her fans.

On her site, she writes, “I’m finally ready to release my music but i feel like my fans deserve the real me in my music and not a compromised version of myself. That’s why i decided to begin this kickstarter campaign so you, my fans, can help create this album with me!”

While the Rent star says she’s been in the studio for the past two years with prestigious producers such as Dr. Dre and Danja Handz, the funds are lacking to get the project rolling. And just so listeners know what they’re working with, Smith also belts out a snippet of Whitney Houston’s “I Believe In You And Me” in the intro video.

Check out the campaign here as well as the teaser to her single “Speechless” below.

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