Baller Beats: 10 Songs Jay-Z Should Use For NBA 2K13

It’s no secret that with Electronic Arts taking its dormant hoop franchise NBA Live off the bench, it’s now a two-game race once again for hoops supremacy. Publisher 2K Sports has been sitting on the throne for awhile now, and looks to add another trophy to the case with their latest, NBA 2K13. Equally having a dope summer waiting for the season to begin is Jay-Z. The Brooklyn boy who done good will be returning to the borough that birthed him this fall and he’s bringing along with him a hoop squad that already has New York buzzing with excitement for a rivalry match against the Knicks.

It’s the Brooklyn Nets vs. the New York Knicks. 2K vs. Live. For one to rule supreme, the motivation is in the music. Sure, the God MC already has Barclays debut planned out and the NBA 2K13 soundtrack ready for you to listen to, but we here at VIBE Pop Culture believe that going the unconventional route is the sometimes the most guaranteed way to seeing banners raised in your gym. With Jay-Z executive producing one of the more electric video game soundtracks to hit this year, we imagine 10 NBA 2k13 Songs Jay-Z Should Use for your all-star gaming pleasures.

Trust us, unlike that big guy over at La-La land, we know how to make choices everyone can enjoy.