Bangladesh Retracts Swipe At Swizz Beatz

After taking shots at Swizz Beatz during a recent interview, Bangladesh has taken to Twitter to clear up the confusion surrounding his statements.

In his interview with XXL, the producer was reported as saying Swizz had no relevance. “I don’t think Swizz is relevant,” said Bangladesh to XXL. “I’m keeping it 100.” “I think there’s a difference between relevance and musical relevance,” he says. “You married a lady that’s poppin’ [Alicia Keys], you know it’ll give you a lot of relevance, but you gotta make hits. Ain’t no hits. Are you relevant for the craft you’re doing or the life you live as far as the decisions you make?”

As a result, Bangladesh offered an explanation for his remarks to XXL. “he’s a big inspiration. That not what interviewed about,” he said. “That’s what they edited. this isn’t real bro interview wasn’t even about u. They slick reversed the focus. Inspiration is who you are so ur relevant. hey edit shit how they want to. that interview wasn’t even about swizzy, she asked a question about swizz and it wasn’t relevant in my interview.”

Who do you believe?