The Right Thing? President Obama Chats With Women’s Magazine

President Barack Obama has been doing a quite a few non-traditional interviews. The most recent one being an interview with Glamour magazine for their November issue.

It makes perfect sense for Obama to be capitalizing on any and all press given that it is election year, and when targeting the women vote, the fashion glossy seems like an obvious choice. However, many critics are wondering if Obama is being smart by continuing to align his political career with pop culture and fashion.

While we do have a hip Prez that proudly wears designer suits, listens to Jay-Z, kisses his wife in public, has rap songs dedicated to him and plays basketball with White House Staffers, how cool is too cool?

Following the backlash from critics regarding his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and some staunch political analyzers questioning his interviews with ESPN Magazine, Entertainment Tonight and People, do you think that sitting with Glamour was a smart political move?

Let us know your opinion!

Oh, and President Obama, if you happen to read this, we would like to formally invite you to sit down with us for a Vixen and Gents chat!