Beanie Sigel Arrested Again With Gun and Drugs

Just as Beanie Sigel was getting his music situation settled before going to prison for 2 years, he digs himself into a deeper hole with the law.

ABC News is reporting that Beans was arrested on a traffic stop this morning on Interstate 95 in Delaware County, when Pennsylvania State Troopers noticed a tan Ford Fusion following another vehicle too closely and swerving out of its lane of travel.

Gerald Andrews, the driver identified as the one behind the wheel, was ordered out of the vehicle and a routine check for weapons revealed several prescription bottles and a small amount of marijuana in his possession. The passenger in the vehicle was none other than Beanie Sigel.

After a search, police found $4,650 cash, a bottle of codeine syrup with a scratched off label, and prescription pills wrapped in plastic bags on Beanie.

A firearm was also located in the center console after further search. If you didn’t know, possessing a firearm is illegal for a felon, which made matters even worse for Beans and the driver—who both have prior felonies.

No word on how severely this will affect Beanie Sigel’s current case, but we can imagine it won’t be good—at all.