Beauty is Pain: What Part of Your Routine Do You Dread Most?


There’s a reason women say it’s not easy to look this good—it’s true. As much as we love stepping out looking our absolute bests, the process to get there sometimes makes us ask over and over and over again, is it worth it? When we see how good we look, we usually answer yes, but when it comes time to doing that one aspect of our beauty routine that’s extremely painful, time consuming, or ridiculously expensive again, those doubts creep back up.

For me, that thing is eyebrow threading. The process is truly different every time because I haven’t been able to consistently go to the same person. Sometimes it feels like the woman is trying to pull out every single hair outside of my brow line individually, other times I think the artist is trying to get every hair in one pull, along with each strand I have along my hair line, my cheeks, and everywhere else which makes me think, hey I didn’t ask for all that. But no matter how it’s done, for me it hurts—terribly bad—and that’s just a fact. Threading also almost cost me a friend because when I told one of my girls threading was worth the pain, when all was said and done, let’s just say she didn’t agree with me.

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