Beauty Vice: Pretty Under One Condition


“Don’t you know your imperfections/Is a wonderful blessing/From Heaven is where you got it from/I love your smile/You can do it without style/From your lips, all the way to your eyebrows/It’s the beauty in her/But when makeup occur/I don’t see it/all I see is a blur.” — No Makeup (Her Vice), Kendrick Lamar

As the lyrics floated in and out my ears, I couldn’t help it — these honest and vulnerable lyrics tugged at me.  The fresh West Coast rapper, Kendrick Lamar’s, debut album, Section 80, was on repeat and “No Makeup” was one of the many songs with lyrics that triggered and intrigued my interest. The song discusses a truth that we all battle with: the mentality that we all have beauty vices and sometimes only feel beautiful under one condition.

That one thing; that one accessory; that one hairstyle; that one lipstick; that one environment; that one pair of earrings. Even as small as it may seem, we all have at least one item and/or thing that we rely on to feel truly beautiful. Some of us have been depending on that “thing” for so long in our lives that we do not even see it as a crutch anymore. Now, I know when we get all dolled up we tend to feel more confident and have a little more sass, but it also affects our everyday life. In the media, beauty and fashion industry ads make you feel as if you need a certain product or look to feel accepted as being truly beautiful.

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