Benzino Apologizes for Starting Eminem Beef

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Benzino is making amends for a rap beef he started way back when.

In 2002, the rapper and former co-owner of The Source magazine made a diss track “Die Another Day” where he called Eminem “the rap Hitler.” Twelve years later, he publicly voiced the error of his words.

“I can say it now, I was wrong for it,” he told Sway when he appeared on “RapFix Live” this Wednesday (August 8), “because at the end of the day, Em is a great lyricist and he should be able to express himself in hip-hop as anybody should.”

At the time of his verbal attacks, ZNO claims that he was “an angry person back then.” In retaliation, Eminem fired back with highly successful tracks “The Sauce” and “Nail in the Coffin.” He regrets letting the beef get that far.

“The situation with me and Eminem, if I could’ve done it over, I would’ve,” he explained. “If I offended anybody with that, I apologize to hip-hop for that.”

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