Beyonce Electrified: Top 5 EDM Hits


Okay. We admit. We love Beyonce! A favorite cover girl of VIBE, whether you refer to her as Honey B, King B, Queen B, Mrs. Carter, or Blue Ivy’s mama, she’s been rolling out the hits since her days in Destiny’s Child. There isn’t a song from her catalog that doesn’t fit our revolving doors of moods. As a solo artist, she’s a particular favorite amongst fans in getting a great upstart to their day, and DJs at the club looking to really give the people a recognizably fantastic time. When it comes to her EDM influence, only recently has she gravitated towards the massive genre, with famous DJs using her as an addendum to mega mash-ups. While on a pop mainstream basis, her music is perfect for a party, when it’s touched by the more unorthodox addition of uppity drum hits and wonderfully confused electro tweaks, Beyonce really gets her freak on. Following are five of some of the best aberrant and funky re-workings of her renown tunes of love and independence. For her loyal Beyhive, it’s time to “get bodied” EDM style. Beyonce; you’ve been electrified.

1. “Deja Vu (Freemasons Remix Edit)”
Dynamically effervescent, the Freemasons transposed “Deja Vu”‘s gaudy drumbeat composition with lofty inflections of disco synthesizers and pop psychedelia. While Beyonce sounded like she was losing her mind on the first cut, she reassures her worth and vital place in her paramour’s heart. With this whimsical remix, Beyonce’s revelation is nearly shamanistic as this re-imaging of romantic infatuation glitters off the rack.

2. “Why Don’t You Love Me (Jump Smokers Remix)”
An underrated track off of the completed edition of I Am…Sasha Fierce, this fashionable cesspool of droning deep house and smattering electric blues is an idler take on the song’s previous Motown inspired beat. Slightly more persuasive in Beyonce demanding some long overdue respect than the archetype, Jump Smokers is giving her dim-witted lover the ultimatum with its dissonant sequence, oh so supportive of our Honey B’s feverish crusade.

3. “Single Ladies (Dave Aude Remix)”
Dave Aude’s sprightly remix of her smash “Single Ladies” showcases his trademark arena-size offering of trance-lite percolations that bubble over with atmosphere. Still, his remixes are domineered by pop music’s upbeat potency, thus, keeping the charm of the tune intact.

4. “Run the World (Kaskade Club Mix)”
Already a bombastic triumph in its original Major Lazer sampling, Kaskade gives B’s female empowerment stance “Run the World (Girls)” a progressive house beat boost that exhilarates the brawny Afro-Caribbean conga and dancehall musings for a futuristic experience. Jittery and energetic, Kaskade was having way too much fun with this one. Get ready to march with a new jaunty pep in your step with this one.

5. “End of Time” vs. “King of Hearts” (Mash Up by Yoshihara)
Impressively matched up, Yoshihara got King B’s highlife musical imprint, “End of Time” to be impacted by Cassie’s seductively enigmatic “King of Hearts”. A hot-wired and totally danceable concoction that becomes electro Afrobeat, which by the end, gets into an accelerated trajectory of a surprising piano-base climax and swirling R&B/pop/dance blast.