Beyonce Talks Humanitarian Efforts with Anderson Cooper

Continuing her reign as World Humanitarian Day Ambassador, Beyonce sat down with Anderson Cooper earlier this week to discuss her efforts. In this week’s episode of AC360, the 30-year-old singer opens up about her reasoning behind joining the campaign.

“We all have our purpose, and we all have our strengths…it feels so wonderful to do something for someone else. And I think for the U.N. to want to include the whole world was something important, and I feel like that’s what I represent.”

During her press junket, Beyonce also shot the official video for 4’s “I Was Here,” dedicated to World Hummanitarian Day. She made time to comment on the impact the Diane Warren-penned song has on her efforts.

“It says, ‘I want to leave my footprints in the sands of time’ and it basically is all of our dreams,” she said. “And that’s leaving our mark on the world. I feel like we all want to know that our life meant something.”

“I Was Here” will premiere on August 19, World Humanitarian Day. All proceeds made will be donated to the cause.

Check out her full interview with Anderson Cooper HERE.