Is Beyonce Working on Her Fifth Album?

A fifth album from Beyonce may be in the works. According to a report by The Sun, the singer is currently hold up in the studio working alongside Kanye West and “N*ggas in Paris” producer, Hit Boy.

According to an inside source, “She’s being strict with proceedings too, putting in 14-hour days declaring nobody leaves until it’s perfect.”

King Bey is also pulling out all the stops to ensure any material isn’t leaked: “She’s spent thousands hiring out the whole studios,” the source later stated. “She’s got security on the doors to ensure no one hears a whisper.”

Whether or not the above is true, Bey stans have at least one thing to be excited about. Beyonce still has a surprise in store for her fans on August 14. A couple of weeks ago she posted on her official tumblr page, “Leave your footprint on 19th August 2012.”

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