Boundary BreakBeat – “ENTER” Richie Hawtin


Electronic Dance Music (EDM) man of mystery, Richie Hawtin is arguably one of the biggest risk takers and boundary breakers in EDM history. The Canadian born tech savant has amazed crowds globally for years with his crossfading, beat-dropping, sonic scion sh*t. This summer marks the launch of Hawtin’s first solo residency on the infamous party isle of Ibiza. After a long and fruitful affiliation with Sven Vath’s Cocoon creation at Amnesia, Richie’s time arrived to venture off and present the world with his Enter concept. What is Enter? We’re glad you asked…

Based on 4 ideologies, the party is what Hawtin likes to call “a point of entry into new experiences: from new music and DJs through to technology and the sake”….yeah he means the kind you drink down the Bowery. Did we mention that Hawtin is OBSESSED with Japan? This guy isn’t like Pauly D sporting fresh whites. Hawtin digs deep within himself (instead of within a tube of hair lube, sorry Pauly) for inner clarity and inspiration. His visionary mindset is transparent in the eclectic creations Hawtin produces. Each Thursday night, the Canadian presents his loyal attendees with an experience that brands into their memory banks forever.

Unlike most big name residencies that take place on the EDM capital, Richie invites not just label affiliated DJs, but anyone he feels that can help make the experience he wants for his fans. To document the development of his parties from opening night to closing week, Richie releases an official video each week to give home viewers a taste of his masterful creation. Check out the 5th installment below!