“Bourne Legacy” Beats Batman In The Box Office

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Just when you thought nothing could stop the runaway success of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, the film ran into an unstoppable force known as The Bourne Legacy.

Jeremy Renner’s action tale has drop-kicked Christian Bale’s last hoorah out of first-place at the weekend box office with a stellar $40.3 million debut. Along with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis’ political brouhaha The Campaign opening in theaters at No. 2 with $27.4 million, those two films respectively pushed The Dark Knight Rises down to third-place with $19.5 million. The total for the DC Comics’ action-adventure flick domestic revenue now comes to $390.1 million.

The Dark Knight Rises had been the No. 1 movie for three-straight weekends since debuting amidst the Aurora, Colorado tragedy that left 12 people dead and 58 wounded. While the violence seemed to have had little effect on the runaway success of the Batman finale, it seems audiences were taken by Jeremy Renner’s portrayal of the new Bourne and came out in droves to support.

In the Universal picture, Renner and Rachel Weisz star in the spy-action flick, which finds Renner playing an agent pursued by Jason Bourne’s old spy masters after they try to snuff out the espionage program in a cover-up conspiracy. With the new film showing such a strong start and establishing Renner (who also plays Hawkeye in Marvel’s The Avengers) as a sturdy frontman, it looks like the franchise will keep running.

Props: MovieFone