Bow Wow Talks Baby Mama, Daddy Issues & Life Lessons


This interview was conducted previously, for the June/July 2012 issue of VIBE

People tell me they’ve never flown in a G4. But I’ve never experienced what you experienced either. I’ve never been to a prom. I was born with no money. So when people talk about Bow Wow being rich his whole life, I don’t know where they get that.

I don’t want him to take this the wrong way, but Jermaine Dupri is not the person to go to for advice. I’ve tried it and you won’t get nowhere with it. He’ll give you like five words.

It’s sad that my daughter will get attention because of her daddy. I’m already watching her run around the house and pick up microphones. It’s scary. I put out the news about her birth [through an open letter] because I didn’t want anybody in my business. I got tired of the press publishing fake baby pictures.

My father is a disappointment. It’s not a hateful thing. He tried to do some sneaky thing by putting a video on WorldStarHipHop of my sisters talking about [my relationship with him]. That's why I don't rock with him. I don’t consider that family. Family doesn’t put family on blast or lie.

Guys like Todd Bridges never overcame being a child star. You can’t have any big failures. I’ve always felt regular. I played organized ball at the rec league. At 13, they told me I sold 3 million copies. I didn’t know what that meant.



I’ve heard terrible stories about baby mama issues. I respect my daughter’s mother highly. She’s a great mom. That wasn’t a pop-up situation in my life. After this album, I want to be around my daughter and take her to school. The little things that matter, I can do that.

I never thought [Justin Bieber] would be the new me ’cause I don’t sing and I ain’t white. There probably hasn’t been a young artist that’s been that successful since me. I was the first to really rejuvenate the whole teen thing.

Angela Simmons has been my homie for the past five years. A homie is if I’m going through something with a girl, I could call and talk to you ’cause I can’t talk to shorty. Ang is my friend, that’s it. I respect her so much. That’s why I’m so worried when I speak about her.

When Lil Wayne was 17, we had a song on the Hardball soundtrack. We’re child stars, both raised on tour buses. Lil Wayne don’t need Bow Wow. I didn’t need no favors or no help. I needed flexibility and an army behind me.

I came into the game never reading my press and I never read it now. I don’t make records for blog sites. Those ain’t my fans. When I walk down my hallway and see 22 plaques, I know I’m doing something right.

Bow Wow drops big shot rhymes and swag anthems on his first Cash Money album, Underrated.



On his VIBE cover with Ciara
That cover was work -- Bow Wow and another artist. So I didn’t feel a way because I didn’t call VIBE, like, “I want to do a cover with me and my girlfriend.” Someone else did that. That was business. I don’t regret it. Ciara and I had a No. 1 record together with “Like Me.” Why we broke up is between her and me. She’s had, like, two boyfriends since then; I don’t know why people still ask about that. It’s shocking to me how old it is.

On his legacy in hip-hop
It’s been three years since my last album. But I needed that. I’m a rare breed. I mean that in a cool way, not a cocky way. Somebody asked me what it’s been like from the last LP up until now, I’ve just been in hella movies too. I gave America two bomb movies -- Lottery Ticket over one summer then I came back in the spring with a Tyler Perry film.

On the possibility of retiring
I’ll never retire from [music]. I had a conversation with Ice Cube and he told me… I just turned 25. For me to say that my next album Underrated is my eighth album, I already got more albums than most dudes.

On working with Snoop Dogg
He’s the only one that I can really listen to outside of Jermaine. When I first had my daughter, we were on tour together. There’s a video of Snoop talking about me, and how I’m so much like him. The one thing Dogg always taught me was to be a loveable person. Show love to all. If you’re an artist, open doors for others. Dogg doesn’t even have to teach me. I can just observe him and learn.

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