Bow Wow Talks Baby Mama, Daddy Issues & Life Lessons



I’ve heard terrible stories about baby mama issues. I respect my daughter’s mother highly. She’s a great mom. That wasn’t a pop-up situation in my life. After this album, I want to be around my daughter and take her to school. The little things that matter, I can do that.

I never thought [Justin Bieber] would be the new me ’cause I don’t sing and I ain’t white. There probably hasn’t been a young artist that’s been that successful since me. I was the first to really rejuvenate the whole teen thing.

Angela Simmons has been my homie for the past five years. A homie is if I’m going through something with a girl, I could call and talk to you ’cause I can’t talk to shorty. Ang is my friend, that’s it. I respect her so much. That’s why I’m so worried when I speak about her.

When Lil Wayne was 17, we had a song on the Hardball soundtrack. We’re child stars, both raised on tour buses. Lil Wayne don’t need Bow Wow. I didn’t need no favors or no help. I needed flexibility and an army behind me.

I came into the game never reading my press and I never read it now. I don’t make records for blog sites. Those ain’t my fans. When I walk down my hallway and see 22 plaques, I know I’m doing something right.

Bow Wow drops big shot rhymes and swag anthems on his first Cash Money album, Underrated.


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