Bow Wow Talks Baby Mama, Daddy Issues & Life Lessons



On his VIBE cover with Ciara
That cover was work — Bow Wow and another artist. So I didn’t feel a way because I didn’t call VIBE, like, “I want to do a cover with me and my girlfriend.” Someone else did that. That was business. I don’t regret it. Ciara and I had a No. 1 record together with “Like Me.” Why we broke up is between her and me. She’s had, like, two boyfriends since then; I don’t know why people still ask about that. It’s shocking to me how old it is.

On his legacy in hip-hop
It’s been three years since my last album. But I needed that. I’m a rare breed. I mean that in a cool way, not a cocky way. Somebody asked me what it’s been like from the last LP up until now, I’ve just been in hella movies too. I gave America two bomb movies — Lottery Ticket over one summer then I came back in the spring with a Tyler Perry film.

On the possibility of retiring
I’ll never retire from [music]. I had a conversation with Ice Cube and he told me… I just turned 25. For me to say that my next album Underrated is my eighth album, I already got more albums than most dudes.

On working with Snoop Dogg
He’s the only one that I can really listen to outside of Jermaine. When I first had my daughter, we were on tour together. There’s a video of Snoop talking about me, and how I’m so much like him. The one thing Dogg always taught me was to be a loveable person. Show love to all. If you’re an artist, open doors for others. Dogg doesn’t even have to teach me. I can just observe him and learn.

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