Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop—Who Retires First T.O. or Diddy?


They just won’t go away or is it the fact that no one younger has made them go away? Diddy, hip-hop mogul, is a ripe old 42 years of age and his last few features have been reminiscent of the “No Way Out” Diddy in 1997. Terrell Owens, 38, just signed with his seventh professional football team. Diddy and T.O. have their hands firmly gripped on the fountain of youth like vice grips.

Hip-Hop and football are both a young man’s game but these old farts are finding ways to stay relevant. Owens, dazzled the Seahawks coaches and scouts with his workout yesterday running a 4.45 40 yard dash. People are still buzzing about Diddy’s feature on Future’s “Same Damn Time” remix. Whether Diddy wrote it or not, he delivered it better than 90% of today’s rappers.

Diddy and Owens are both unmarried with kids but their seeds haven’t seemed to slow them down. Financially, it’s no secret who’s in the black and who’s in the red. Forbes comes out with a Hip-Hop Cash Kings list ever week and Diddy is always in the top 3. Owens has been seen on VH1, Dr. Phil and more literally crying about child support payments and sheisty financial advisors taking all of his money and leaving him broke.

Owens still playing football at 38 has more to do with money. If Owens were the richest man alive with six Super Bowl rings, he’d still be playing. He likes the game and loves the attention…he needs both. Everyone needs something, so who am I to knock him. In Diddy’s word’s “…now I’m richer than them white folks” — he’s worth over $400 million. Diddy’s entire family tree could retire today if they wanted too.
Both have an intense desire to stay in the limelight. I’ve heard it’s addicting.

The question is who will go away, retire, cease to be relevant — whatever you want to call it first?

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