Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan Get The Ax In “Scary Movie 5″

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Despite being killed off in the fourth installment of the Scary Movie franchise, Scary Movie 5 will see Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan starring together.

Their screen time together, though, will be bloody and brief. The controversial stars will “get the ax” in the film’s opener, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s a match made in all of our perverted celebrity dreams, as Sheen and Lohan will not only star in the spoof, but will be playing “the world’s hottest new couple.” Charlie Sheen, fresh off an appearance at WWE’s most recent pay-per-view, the wonderful Warlock is looking like he’s getting his mojo back with his participation in Scary Movie 5.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan has been having a colorful couple of months, as her role in Scary Movie comes off the heels of Liz & Dick, Lifetime’s Elizabeth Taylor biopic. She’s next slotted to star in Bret Easton Ellis’s The Canyons.

Ashley Tisdale (Sons Of Anarchy) and Erica Ash (Cold Case) are starring the latest movie, directed by Malcolm Lee (Soul Men) and co-written and produced by comedy legend David Zucker. Zucker, whose credits include Airplane! and Naked Gun movies, wrote and directed Scary Movie 3 and 4, both of which Sheen appeared in.

Dimension FilmsScary Movie 5 is due to begin shooting this September with an eye towards an April 19, 2013 release.

Props: The Hollywood Reporter