Is Chris Rock Jacking Jokes From Aziz Ansari?

We’ve heard of people “borrowing” beats, verses, or full songs in the rap game, but it’s looks like the struggle is just as prevalent in the stand-up comedy world as well. Debates are up in air concerning a Sting joke, and whether or not legendary comedian Chris Rock spun it in his own words from current funnyman Aziz Ansari. On July 11th, Aziz did a live interview with Sirius radio, cracking about the struggles for comedians to consistently come with fresh material, while singers—like Sting—can continuously play their old hits, like “Every Breath You Take.” On Aug 9th, Chris Rock did a similar interview with The Daily Show. While he did change the Sting song from “Every Breath You Take” to “Roxanne,” people are debating whether Rock’s joke was a complete rip of Ansari’s, and why someone in his position would feel the need to take from someone with a substantially younger career. Watch the video below (via Huffington Post), and give us your opinion. Did Chris Rock jack jokes from Aziz Ansari?