Chris Tucker On New Friday Movie: “I Doubt It.”

Smokey—er, we mean Chris Tucker—may have just killed all our hopes for a final Friday film in the hilariously classic franchise.

While on a stop at the Tom Joyner Show, last Friday ironically, Tucker confirmed that the script was in production, but that he’s doubtful about the success of this film.

“Me and [Ice] Cube, we’re talking about it” he said of the film’s production. He followed up by saying, “They’re working on a script…[but] I don’t think it’ll be as special as the first one.”

He also explained his reason for not being in the other Friday films since the first one, stating that he felt the need to progress and move on to other projects.

Before moving on to other subjects, he ended it with the zinger by stating, “We’ll see what happens, but I doubt it that I’ll do another Friday.”

Let’s hope that the script is phenomenal. We’d love to see “When Smokey Meets Day-Day.”

Full interview below: